Wednesday, October 20, 2010


After Julia's party, the twins and I stayed with Grammy and Papa Joe while Joe took Isaac back to Chattanooga. The twins had a great time, and they were willing to have pictures taken!! Abby was the biggest cheeser!

Abby- cute as can be.

Andy- just playing with his trains.

Abby and Grammy- do you see what I mean about Abby being a cheeser?

Abby couldn't decide who to impress; the camera or Grammy.

Abby and Mommy. Abby is pointing out who the focus is in the picture.

Believe it or not, this was the best one of Abby and Papa Joe. She was loosing the cheese. I took some of Grammy, Papa Joe and the twins, but none of them worked out. We'll try next time.

When we left Murfreesboro, we decided to avoid construction traffic on 75 and go visit Aunt Beth and Uncle Craig instead. We had a fun visit and even went to church at Collegeside to hear Uncle JD lead singing. (no pics of the church service, but Abby did make a new friend with the woman sitting in front of us)

Abby and Andy on the stairs at Beth and Craig's.

Uncle Craig played the guitar while we sang the Wheels on the Bus.

Abby having fun with Aunt Beth.

Thanks for letting us come visit! We'll see you again soon!


The Full Count said...

They are getting so big!! Andy really favors you Joss!!

Pat said...

What happened to Abby's cute little purple outfit? Andy's still wearing the clothes he left my house in, I noticed.

Abby and Andy looked amazingly bright-eyed at Craig and Beth's. They really had a long day!

Grammy Pat

Joe and Jocelyn said...

I made the mistake of letting them eat cheese crackers in the car on the way to Cookeville. Abby was covered in cheese, while Andy stayed clean.
Whoever said boys are messier than girls was totally wrong!!

Jenny said...

You guys had such a busy trip home! I'm glad the kids got to enjoy all the family attention!