Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day dinner

It was really on Sunday, but we won't split hairs. We all gathered at Grammy Pat and Grandpa Joe's for dinner. We were able to visit before dinner and we had a good time. Grammy promised double dessert to the one who could get a good picture of the boys together, and Aunt Jenny won. She got wonderful pictures of the boys and I was impressed that she got them to sit as long as they did.

Isaac and Cousin Joshua. It still amazes me how much they don't look alike.

Isaac is a little confused here, but all is still going well.

Here is Grammy Pat with the boys. I think this picture is adorable!
Last, but not least, is Aunt Boo with the boys. Love the haircut, Boo!

Also, for all those who follow the blog, New Baby Delk is due Dec.30. They were not able to do an ultrasound for the heartbeat on Friday, but they will the next visit. Personally, I am just excited about getting the tax cut for this unexpected blessing. We'll keep everyone posted!


Jenny said...

Love the pictures, if I do say so myself. You beat me to it posting them. We had so much fun yesterday! Hope we can get these boys together to play again soon!

Pat said...

We had so much fun having all of you over. Thanks for coming--I know it's hard traveling with babies, even though they look like such big boys!

Grandma Pat

Stephanie said...

Hey Jocelyn - I think the reason that the boys don't look alike is because they look like their daddies!

Are you sure you're going to have the baby in 2008? You may be a few days late and have the baby on New Year's Day. They do give special recognition to the firstborn baby in the new year....but I know you want the tax break more!

Pat said...

What's a grandma have to do to get more recent pictures?