Saturday, May 10, 2008

Washington Nationals Park - May 5th

On Monday, prior to touring the National Mall, Isaac and I toured something else. We took the subway to Nationals Park. We toured the stadium and got to see a lot of amazing things in the stadium. One thing that I wish we could have done was to throw a ball of the bullpen mound, but unfortunately, some of the players came out and started warming up so we could not.

Washington Nationals Park was designed by HOK and was built in a short 22-month period which is amazing considered this was done in a metro area. Below is a good view of the field.

As part of the tour we got to go to places that normal public does not get to go. One such place we went to was the Jefferson presidential suite. Below is Isaac sitting in a $14,000 dollar seat (per season). I don't think the view is worth the price tag but it is pretty neat.

Once we left the presidential suites we made our way up to the PNC Diamond Club level seats. Isaac really liked the view from up here.

One thing I really like about the tours is the ability to go to the press box. Here is the print press box where all the beat writers for newspapers gather. One thing that was neat about this was that it was named the Shirley Povich press box. Shirley was the only beat writer who watched Lou Gehrig's continous game streak end and also watch Cal Ripken break it. That is some career.

Isaac's Uncle Craig would appreciate this picture. Here Isaac is prepping a story on the Washington Nationals. Maybe he has a future in print journalism like his uncle.

Os course the big thing was to visit the dug out. Here is a pic of Isaac and daddy looking out across the field.

Here Isaac is ready to get into the game. "Put me in coach. I am ready to play!"

Here, Isaac is getting all the benefits of his "cup of coffee" with the big club.

"Where did I put my bat. Coach has asked me to go in and pinch hit."

Well after a long game it is time to head to the clubhouse and hit the showers. Whew! What a day.

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Terrific photos, Joe!