Friday, May 2, 2008

More Ignoring Child Labor Laws

Once again, Jocelyn and I have decided to ignore child labor laws by putting Isaac to work cleaning the house. He apparently loves it!
At first he was a little apprehensive. "You want me to do what? You can't be serious?"

"I don't appreciate cleaning up after Snoopy, but if I must I will do the best that I can."
"Am I doing this right? I am not sure I am the right height for this."
"Maybe if I grab it with both hands. There that feels a little better."
"There, now I am getting the hang of this. Cleaning is sooooo much fun."
"Now off down the hall. Got make sure I get it all."

"Whoops. Missed a spot. Maybe if I push it all up in the crack, no one will notice."
"Now that I am all finished, time to throw this away. Yuck! Dog hair everywhere."
"Whew! All this cleaning has really tired me out. Now time for some rest."

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Jenny said...

I can see that I definitely need to borrow Isaac to clean my house. :) At Joshua's 1-year appointment the doctor asked if he mimicked me doing things like sweeping or dusting. Ha - he'd have to see me sweeping first!