Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mr. Isaac and the beach

Well part of Isaac's first big baseball road trip took us to Myrtle Beach, SC. The game was an early one which started at 10:35 AM, so once the game was over we headed over to the beach. (Our hotel was a block off the beach.)
Isaac was pretty impressed with the ocean. He did not know really what to think of it at first.
But soon he became really curious about the sea gulls.
But like most things he soon became bored with them and began looking around on the beach to see what he could find.
Isaac found plenty of sea shells and small pieces to pick up and really seemed to enjoy playing in the sand. Dad did not care for this too much as Isaac proceed to get himself extremely dirty with sand going in places it should not go.
After awhile though, Isaac informed me it was time to go.
With a longing look, Isaac said good bye to the beach and we headed back to the hotel.
It is kinda funny that when we got back to the hotel I put Isaac, clothes and all, in the tub to get the sand off him. He did not like this one bit and screamed like crazy.
The next day, since we only had a three hour drive to the next city. I took Isaac back to the beach and put him in trunks and little swimmers so he could enjoy the beach some more. I took him down to where the waves come in and he hated it. I guess the water was too cold.
Needless to say, there are no pictures of this.

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