Friday, June 13, 2008

Swimming at Casey's

My friend Casey decided to celebrate the opening of her pool by having the teachers over for a party. Joe was not able to make it, but Isaac and I had a good time. Isaac refused to let me put him down when we were in the water, but would sit on the steps with me next to him.

There were other kids at the party, so Isaac got to see some of his friends from school

This is Alli

This is Cash

This is Caleb

We all had a great time! Thanks Casey!

Of course, here are more pictures of Isaac...


Tracy said...

We all had a good time didn't we?? :) The kids look so cute!!

Jenny said...

I can't wait to get Joshua in the pool! I'm glad Isaac had so much fun. :)

Pat said...

Mommy and Isaac deserve a little down time this summer. Enjoy it!

Gramma Pat