Friday, May 9, 2008

Mr. Isaac Goes to Washington

Well Isaac and I are now home. Jocelyn had need of the computer so we had to cut our trip short by day. Upon returning home, Jocelyn informed me that she has received many complaints about no "Mr. Isaac Goes to Washington" pics. So without further delay, here is Mr. Isaac going to Washington.

We had to ride the subway in because it was easier and cheaper. I am not sure exactly what Isaac thought of the subway. He just did a lot of people watching while riding it and looking around.

Our first stop was the Washington Nationals ballpark, but I will post pictures of that later. After we left there we went to the National Mall and got some shots of the monuments. Isaac was really impressed with the Washington Monument.

He just could not say enough about how impressive it was. And the fact that he needed to hydrate after all the walking that Daddy did pushing him around.

But eventually he soon became bored of it and wanted to see something else.

So daddy pushed him over to the Lincoln Memorial.

Once inside, Isaac kept talking to whomever would listen. You would even say that he was reciting the Gettysburg address which is carved on the wall to the right of the Lincoln statue. But he soon became bored with this as well.

Isaac was looking for something with a little more prestige. Something that represented power. He took one look at the White House and decided that was the place. He even stuck his head in between the bars and said in 44 more years he would be there. Already, the political calculations were working.

However, I did want Isaac to understand the sacrifice that was made for him to live in a country as great as this and understand that many people laid the ultimate sacrifice for this. So, we visited the Vietnam Memorial to let him get in touch with his past. Here Isaac is touching the name of his Great Grandfather. Panel 32E, Line 57.

I just think the last picture says it all.

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Pat said...

Welcome home Joe and Isaac! I'll make sure Gommy gets some of these pictures. They're real keepsakes!

Gramma Pat