Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cheap Thrills

Last Sunday, I was trying to let Joe sleep, since he had worked the night shift the week before. The kids had to be creative since I threw out most of their toys over spring break, so they created their own toy... a couch slide!

Creative right? They've done this before, so don't think they just came up with it. I tend to discourage such antics, but really, what else were they to do?

By the way, in the background is PBS. They were asking for money, and showing a Celtic Thunder concert. One of my teacher friends told me to watch it. Not my smartest move, but they were pretty good.

More sliding. Andy was upset that Isaac took a toy, I think. Now, what you've all been waiting for... video!!

No one was harmed in the filming of this video. We actually stopped about 5 min later. Joe never did get a good nap. He decided to go change his spark plugs instead. Go figure.


Joanna said...

Look at all of them taking turns like polite boys and girl! I'm quite proud. (I'm also proud of you, Jossy. Two blog posts within a week??!?? Awesome!)

Pat said...

Just which toys DID you throw out over spring break? . . . Oh, no! Where are the musical instruments? Why weren't the kids using them in the previous blog? Jossy, don't make me come down there . . . with presents!!!!


Joe and Jocelyn said...

Grammy, NONONONONONONO!!! The instruments are safely stashed around the house. The kids are taken them everywhere. Some are downstairs and some are in Ike's room. I got rid of broken and bitten toys, and I donated toys that got on my nerves. (the ones that made noises mostly)