Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Bike

Cousin Josh-e-wash has a fabulous bike. My children like watching video from Jenny's blog of Joshua riding his bike. Well, this past weekend, Isaac got to experience the thrill of Joshua's bike firsthand.
We all gathered in Murfreesboro to celebrate an early Easter, and the boys' birthdays. We also got to celebrate the wonderful weather we have been blessed with lately. Grammy and Papa Joe have a great backyard with lots of space, and an area that is perfect for riding bikes.

Every child who wanted a vehicle had one. Andy just wanted a hat. He found something to ride on later.

Isaac did get to ride on Joshua's bike. I could have sworn I took video of him riding, but my camera reached its capacity while I was filming, so I had to go inside and download everything before going back out. It probably got lost in the transition.
Anyhow, here are some pics of everyone having fun!

Big Wheels Isaac

I'm pretty sure Abby just wanted a chance to accessorize.

Race! Race!

Every grandchild, except Julia, had a turn getting to wear the helmet. It was a popular item.

I gotta admit, Isaac did really well on the bike! By the end of our time outside, he could start and stop the bike by himself, and could turn and not hit anyone. Joe and I are going to have to think about getting him one; as soon as we find a place to store it, and for him to be able to ride it.

Thanks Joshua for sharing your bike and helmet with us! We will have to do this again!

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Pat said...

It was a beautiful day--we couldn't have asked for better for your visit! This is the most fun all the kids have had outside together!

Grammy Pat