Friday, August 28, 2009

Future Miss America

I realize that the 4th of July is long gone, but I stumbled across some pictures I had forgotten we had taken. I had gotten this dress for Abby a while ago, and I made sure she wore it more than once. (so as to not be wastefull)
Here are some great shots.

This was the best of the color pictures.

"... I want World Peace. And a giant chocolate bar."
"I'd like to thank the little people..."
Andy is posing the be the next Gerber baby. Love those teeth!
The two pics look a lot alike, but I swear they are different!
He's the happiest baby in the world!


Pat said...

If Abby's Miss America, Andy's Mr. Congeniality. They're both so sweet!

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

Abby is always a doll! I especially love the pictures of Andy! What a great smile!