Monday, September 7, 2009

Isaac's Camping Adventure and Little River Canyon

Hey guys! Isaac here. Just wanted to fill you on two things Daddy and I did this weekend. On Saturday we went to Little River National Preserve in Alabama. Daddy heard about this place and wanted to take me to go see it. It is called the East Grand Canyon. We did not see much of it but we did check out Little River Falls which is at the mouth of the canyon.

I thought it was pretty fun. Some people there told us that during the winter it is a raging whitewater scene, but during the summer it was smaller but it was still pretty cool.

I like the waterfall. Daddy would not let me go near the edge like I wanted but it was still pretty neat.

On Sunday night we did something really cool. Daddy took me camping. He did not get a lot of pictures because we had to get sticks for the fire. We went to Pigeon Mountain WMA and camped at Saw Mill Lake. There were a lot of people there but we were all spread out. There were even people with horses.

I had fun roasting marshmallows and cooking hot dogs but I put most of them in the fire and in the dirt and Daddy would not let me eat them. I did not like the tent at first and wanted to go to the car, but we eventually went to sleep. Daddy did not sleep very well because of the loud bugs.

In the morning we got up and went to Hood Overlook to see the sun in the east. I got my picture taken here before and Daddy wanted everyone to know that it is not a cliff ledge. But we got to see the fog coming off the valley below and it was really neat.

After that we went to the Pocket area and hiked back to a waterfall that was not there it turned out. It was still fun to go back there. We did about a 1.25 miles this morning.

I had fun and hopefully Mommy will let Daddy take me again.


mumbleteepeg said...

I live the pictures and the commentary that ties them together. I thought the these two trips were a week apart.


Pat said...

Does the five-second rule apply in the woods? I hate it that all those dogs and marshmallows went to waste! Isaac will learn!

Grammy Pat