Saturday, August 15, 2009

Isaac goes to Savage Gulf

Hey everybody! Isaac here writing on the blog. I got to go to Savage Gulf State Park today with Dad. It was pretty cool.

The first part was pretty easy, but I wanted to start with something difficult. I told Dad I wanted to go on the Laurel falls trail first. Mostly because it had dirt and not pavement like the trail he wanted to go on. It was a short 0.3 mile loop that we went on. I got to see a little waterfall and a frog! I put pictures of the waterfall and frog below.

After we left the frog, I told him bye, and we went on to Stone Door. Stone Door is a rock formation that the Indians used to access the valley below. It looks like a giant door in the cliff face. We could see it clearly from the first overlook on the trail, Laurel Overlook.

Once we got to Stone Door. A man there was nice enough to take our picture. Mom did not like the fact that we were standing on a cliff, but Daddy kept me from the edge.

Daddy got a lot more pictures that maybe I will show later, but just know, I really like to play in the dirt.

After Stone Door, daddy took me to Greeter Falls. He was really upset with himself for going to the bottom because it was so steep, but I had fun. I even had so much fun that I made Daddy carry me on his shoulders when we were leaving. I know he loved that. But Greeter falls was pretty cool.

It was nice and cool at the bottom. Daddy really did not want to leave, but I think it was because of the climb up.

Oh and did I mention there was also a 30' tall spiral staircase. I actually climbed that step by step. It was pretty neat.

Daddy and I had a lot of fun. He wanted me to add this picture below to the blog because he really liked how it turned out.

All in all it was a pretty good day. I really enjoyed sleeping in the car on the way home. Dad added it up and we did 0.3+1.1+1.1+1.4 = 3.9 miles today. He was worn out and complained about how he needed to get in shape. I just hope that means we will do this a lot more.

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Jenny said...

Such great pictures! What a beautiful place to hike! Isaac was such a trooper to keep up - I'm sure he had fun!