Sunday, August 2, 2009

Isaac Hiking

Hey guys! Isaac has taken over the blog again and I want to tell you about a quick trip Daddy and I took to Pigeon Mountain WMA which is near us.
Daddy wanted to take me to Rocktown, which is a really neat area that has huge sandstone rock formations. Mommy thinks it is pretty stupid.
We did not get to hike too much because a big thunderstorm came up and we had to leave. But Daddy did get to get pictures of me in the woods.

For those out there who are freaking out over this picture, don't worry. Daddy did not put on the edge of cliff. I was a bit disappointed when we stopped at this overlook because I thought we were going to see baseball. But instead we saw the next picture instead.

I really liked walking on the trail. It was pretty fun.

This was the what the trailhead looked like. I did not know what to think at first but once we got going I just wanted to explore.
Unfortunately, because of the rain we had to leave, but Daddy promised to take me back.

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Jenny said...

What a pretty hike! I do hope you get to go back in better weather!