Friday, August 28, 2009

Grammy and Grandpa Joe visit

Grammy and Grandpa Joe came to visit. (a while ago... I am slow getting pics on here) Andy had his follow-up appointment to check his ears and the grandparents agreed to watch the other two so I could just take Andy.
The appointment went great. Andy's ears are all clear. There's really not much else to report.... so here are some pics.

Here is Grammy reading "Chicka-Chicka- Boom-Boom". She was trying to entice Isaac to come over, but he decided the movie was better. (he'll learn one of these days)

But Isaac was happy to come over for a picture. He won't pose for pictures at JC Penny's, but he will at home. Joe is going to set up a photo shoot soon to get the pictures I wanted.

Here is Abby. She's sporting drool stains, which are all the rage with the babies this season.

Here is Andy. He's just cute.

Here's a great picture of Grammy and the kids. Abby is glad to be front and center.
Grandpa Joe was a great sport and played with the babies on the floor. They were greatly impressed with the toys that they received. Joe and I are patiently waiting for the batteries to die.


Pat said...

What sweet pictures! Any photo of Isaac is studio quality as far as I'm concerned. He's wonderfully photogenic! And Abby and Andy? Well, what can I say? I could look at their pictures all day.

I liked the previous pictures at Savage Gulf too, Joe, but I can only look at Isaac that close to a precipice once. Gyaaahhh! Gives me the willies.

Jenny said...

Love the pictures! I know Grammy and Grandpa Joe had a great time! Who wouldn't love all that baby attention!