Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Happy Delk Christmas

We celebrated Christmas on Saturday with the Delk clan. Isaac entertained everyone with his impressive screaming skills and said, "Grammy," and "Papa" for the first time! The twins couldn't have cared less- they slept most of the day. I had every intention of putting Isaac in another Christmas sweater, but it was not to be. The twins got to wear their Christmas sleepers that they got from Aunt Kayla. (our next door neighbor)

We put the hat on Abby so everyone would be able to tell them apart.

Here is Cousin HA with Andy.

Here is Aunt Beth with Abby. Abby is being her usual 'Diva' self- refusing to show her face to the camera.

Here is Uncle JD with Andy. JD also got Isaac some new additions to his train set. Isaac decided to sleep with his Gordon train (which he got from Uncle JD) that night.

Here is Grammy and Papa with the twins. (Andy is now wearing the hat)

Since the Delk clan was all here, I made sure to get pictures of everyone to go into the kids' "Who Loves Baby" book. It was looking pretty pathetic with only a picture of Aunt Boo in it.

Uncle JD

Uncle Craig and Aunt Beth with their bundles of joy. (Starbucks coffee)

Joe and I
The Delk boys

It was a very successful Christmas for all those under the age of 2. Isaac and the twins made out like bandits with toys, clothes and diapers. I think Isaac had the best time because he got to go around and help people open presents when he was done opening his. :)


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! I'm in this post! :)

Jenny said...

What a nice time! I'm glad Isaac and the twins got sufficiently spoiled, 'cause we're not going to pay them any attention at all tomorrow when we see you. (yeah right!!!)

Pat said...

Yikes! I think my earlier post didn't make it. I'll try again.

This is my bright idea: we're starving for new pictures, but you don't have the time to blog right now. Maybe you could go temporarily interactive? YOU post the pix, and your faithful readers can provide the serious/whimsical/comical/creative commentary?


Gramma Pat