Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Gang's All Here

Last weekend the Delk house was bombarded with relatives to see the twins and Isaac. We had Grammy Pat and Grandpa Joe, Aunt Jenny, and Aunt Boo and Uncle Kevin. Fun was had by all, and we have pictures to prove it! (Aunt Jenny- I need some pictures from you to prove that you were here!)

Isaac loved helping Grandpa Joe on the computer! Grandpa Joe was nice enough to find a Thomas the Train website for them to browse.

Aunt Boo and Uncle Kevin held the babies- as long as they weren't crying or dirty. The highlight of my day was when Abby pooped (in her diaper) while being held by Joanna. Joanna's face was priceless!

After a while, Joanna decided that babies were no longer entertaining so she decided to look throught the Christmas catalogs.

Isaac enjoyed having everyone come to visit him! Here he is with Grammy Pat.

The twins had so much fun they could hardly stand it.


Jenny said...

Yes, I was there. I put up pictures on my blog to prove it. I really loved seeing the twins and visiting with everyone else. Love you guys! You're really doing great!

Anonymous said...

I will be there monday! we better document!~

Anonymous said...

hey! I'm waiting patiently for an update. Just thought you should know. :) Love you guys!

Hollye said...

Joanna & Kevin look like naturals with the twins don't they?

With love, Aunt Hollye