Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving and Birthday

To make life easier, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, along with celebrating the twins' birthday, all in one day. Everyone had survived our Dickson adventure, and we were ready for the Princess and Pirate Party that Aunt Boo and Aunt Jenny had planned.

It started with playtime outside.

After getting our fresh air, it was time to put on our party clothes! (Thank you, Aunt Jenny!)

Our pretty Princesses

A Royal Family

Now, Isaac was the only boy who was interested in being in costume. I think Joshua and Andy were busy elsewhere and couldn't be bothered.

"Arrr, matey!"

The Princess and the Pirate.
You know, I'm pretty sure I've read a book by that title...
These guys are much cuter!

Here's the reason Andy was too busy to be in costume. Papa Joe sneaked Andy out to play with the model trains. Andy had been kicked out of the garage earlier because he wasn't following directions, but he was so brokenhearted that Papa Joe took pity on him and let him go back by himself. Papa Joe is such a softie!

Cake time! We finally got Andy to be a little more piratey.

Ready for the song!

Isaac is ready for cake!

Joshua is ready too!

And here is Aunt Boo. Because no post would be complete without a picture of her! :)

Thank you Grammy and Papa, Boo, and Jenny for making this day special!

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Pat said...

What a full day we all had (and I'm speaking of full tummies as well as full hearts)! Exhausting!--but so much fun!

Grammy Pat