Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

When Joe and I got married we made an agreement that our children would always wake up in their beds on Christmas Day. So, the kids and I drove all the way back to Ringgold after our Christmas in Dickson. When we got home, Santa's elves had set up our tree!

Beautiful! Joe said that the Elves even let him help! So, the tree was set up and ready for Santa's visit later that night.

On Christmas morning we woke up to find that Santa had brought everyone what they had wished for.

Isaac got his Hot Wheels.

And a Hot Wheels track. Isaac really liked Cousin Joshua's set-up, so I guess Santa decided that Ike needed his own.

Andy got a new train set! The Delks also got a train set for the whole family. (it's a smaller scale. Joe's big plan is to have a set-up like Papa Joe.)

Here's video of Andy's train! Sorry it's so dark.

Abby's wish list started simple, but grew a little bigger as Christmas got closer. In the end, she wanted Princess shirts, cupcakes, and a tea party. She's lucky that Santa always pays attention!

A new Princess to have tea parties with.

Rapunzell shirt

Cinderella shirt

And Santa even left some homemade cupcakes. Since Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birth, Abby decided they were Happy Birthday, Jesus cupcakes.

After presents, we got ready to go to church!

Abby with her new doll, Christmas dress, and hat from Aunt Sandy.

After church we had lunch and Abby finally got to dig into a Christmas cupcake.

Since the cakes were chocolate on chocolate, I didn't want her pretty dress to get dirty.

You know, with her chocolate goatee, she really does look like her daddy!

Merry Christmas!


Pat said...

Looks like all the Delk kids made it onto Santa's Nice list. I'm so relieved! That's so cool that Joe got to see one of the actual elves!!!!

Grammy Pat

PS. Santa also left some things here for Isaac, Abby, and Andy. Don't forget to come get them!


Jenny said...

What a good Santa having the energy to make Abby cupakes on top of everything else! Can't wait for Christmas in the 'Boro!