Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Dickson

On Christmas Eve I took the kids and we visited Gommy Petty. I told Joe to stay home since he had worked right up till the actual holiday and I knew he would be cranky if I told him he had to travel too. (And a cranky Joe is not a fun Joe.)

So, the kids and I, along with Aunts Susie and Sandy, Jenny and her crew, Aunt Boo, and Grammy Pat, all met in Dickson for lunch and fellowship. Considering the energy level of the kids, it's a good thing it wasn't too cold outside!

Good job, Aunt Jenny! Sidewalk chalk was a great idea!

Children of all ages loved being outdoors!

Picture time!!

The original 3 sisters.

The second generation of sisters.
Since I don't plan on giving birth to any more little divas, and I'm pretty sure Jenny is done too, it is up to Joanna to have the third generation of sisters. Good luck with that!

Queen Gommy and her Princess daughters.

I feel the need to point out that this picture contains a Christmas Miracle. I look great! :)

Isaac faithfully guarded the gifts. No one got to the tree without his notice!

Isaac was very happy with his "Bumblebee" car! He is convinced that any yellow car is secretly the Transformers Bumblebee car. He showed the car to Uncle Jason and let him know that his car was a "Robot in disguise."

Abby got new 'baby'. She's always happy to add another animal to her collection! Her bed looks like mine used to when I was younger. All her babies are lined up at the foot of her bed so she can keep watch over them.

I didn't get a picture of Andy, but he was being a cranky pain, so you're not missing much.

Last, but not least, the joint present for the kids was a roll-up piano from Aunt Susie. We pulled it out during the Happy Delk Christmas and the kids played with it after their nap.

You can tell it's after nap time by checking out Abby's hair. It curls because she gets sweaty when she sleeps. :)

Merry Christmas!


Pat said...

We all had a wonderful time, and don't forget the terrific menu Susie and Sandy planned for us. Even after nibbling on wedding cookies and fudge, I dug right into the ham, stuffing, cranberry salad, and green beans. And the coconut cake--best effort ever!

Thanks all you Delks for making the long trek down!

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

Ok, next time I will blog the pictures, and THEN email them to you. Stinker. ;) Fun day, though!