Saturday, June 4, 2011

Isaac Goes Shopping for Tomatoes

Hey guys, Joe has taken over the blog because I want to share a quick story with everyone about our trip back from Aunt Boo's Birthday Party.

On our way home, Isaac and I stopped at Lowe's in Kimball, TN because I wanted to get as straight as I could on the way home and not have to back track to any of the ones in Chattanooga. I had to get some more dirt for the garden (Check out Isaac really likes these trips to Lowe's and Home Depot because he likes to look at the vegetables and tell me all the stuff he wants to put in the garden.

On the way in, I successfully steered Isaac away from the vegetables and into the store. On the way out, I was not so successful. He walked over to the vegetables and proudly proclaimed that this was the garden. He began, as he always does, of looking all them over and telling which ones are which. After he had looked at all of them, I told him it was time to go. He did not want to go, because he wanted to buy some plant to put in the garden and call his (much like his strawberry plant and the pumpkins). The last trip, he wanted Rutger tomatoes. This trip he wanted all sorts of things. He pointed out to the big plants, but I told him if he wanted one he would have to pick something small. He began bringing plants to me and I would tell him that we already had that in the garden. He then brought me some Bradley Heirloom tomatoes. We did not have that.

So I was faced with a dilemma. Break his heart and risk causing a scene, or let him be responsible for his choice. I decided the latter. I gave him $2 and told him to take his tomatoes to the cashier (grandparents, don't worry, I was standing there the whole time watching him). He quickly walked right up to the cashier who was in the middle of a transaction with another customer and shouted, "Hey lady. I want some tomatoes!" Needless to say, I was a little embarrassed, but the cashier and the other patrons thought it was the cutest thing ever. I told Isaac he had to wait his turn behind the others. Isaac did as he was told and clutched the small package of tomatoes and the $2 tightly and quietly waited his turn. The other patrons asked if he was going to plant that in his garden and he answered that he was. He told them he was a farmer.

When it was Isaac's turn, he reached up with his tomatoes and waited while the cashier rang him up. She told him the price and he gave her the two dollars and got the receipt and his change and then put the tomatoes in a bag and walked out. It was simply nice to watch him go through a "Big Boy" transaction. Now if I could only get him to get a "Big Boy" job.

Hope that brings a smile to your face.



Samantha said...

I loved that story! The yelling at the cashier and the exclaiming he is a farmer is adorable and hilarious :)

Pat said...

That garden has been a good thing in many ways already, even before harvest time! Best idea ever!

Grammy Pat