Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Updates from the Baseball Trip

Hello Everyone out there, this is Isaac again. Hope everyone is enjoying seeing the few pictures that Daddy has posted. Hopefully we can remedy the few part with this post.

After Port Charlotte Stone Crabs, we went to the beach again. It was fun. Daddy said the beach smelled funny (it was actually fishy), but it was still fun. Andy got to throw sand into the Gulf and I chased a Heron. Daddy also let me run in the water and we got really dirty. Daddy was not impressed with that but Daddy was very impressed with a mommy and daddy osprey that was just sitting on a tree. We sat on a tree too.

Andy had fun as well. Also there was the ever present "Choo-Choo" in Andy's hand.

This is me chasing a Heron.

Andy tried and tried to fill all the cracks on the log but he was not able to.

That night after some more driving we were in Daytona Beach to watch the "Teenie Tiny Cubs", at least that is what I called them. We racked a bunch of baseballs again from the Brevard County Manatees. I even tried my best to be a Teenie Tiny Cub as well.

I got very upset when it got dark, because I just knew there were going to be fireworks and I do not like fireworks. So I pitched a big fit and we left early. Daddy was mad and I was sad.

Daddy had planned on going to see the Kennedy Space Center the next day but we slept in at the hotel and Daddy did not want to pay $75 for a couple of hours of running through the KSC so I guess we will have to do it again some time in the future. So instead we had to settle for this rocket ship outside the Brevard County Manatees stadium.

We also got our pictures taken in front of a huge sculpture of the Mighty Casey from the Mudville Nine. I really liked it.

That night we were in West Palm Beach and watched the Jupiter Hammerheads take on the Teenie Tiny Cubs. It was fun and I was really excited because we got to get two bats because the Palm Beach Cardinals play at the same stadium. Yippee. The Jupiter Hammerheads' mascot was also a shark named Hamilton the Hammerhead. He was fun but Andy did not like him.

We slept at a Travel Lodge and then went to the beach again. It was really fun and we got really sandy again. Daddy really loved that.

Daddy lucked up and found a nice beach for us to visit and it was great because there was no one on it at all while we were there. I decided to show the sand who was boss with my new Jupiter Hammerhead bat.

Andy just liked to look at the waves.

Daddy was glad there were not that many people on the beach because apparently in having all my fun I had several wardrobe malfunctions.

Daddy made me put this picture on the blog because it showed the sunscreen Daddy used on us in his bag. (Just for you Grammy Pat).

After playing in the waves, we decided to sit and pay in the sand for a little while.

Tonight, we went to see the Marlins and the Phillies. Daddy really liked it because it was the closest he had ever sat at a Major League game. Andy had a blast. He really hammed it up with the people around us. I liked getting another bat. While Daddy finished up the blog I am going to sleep with my new bat and ball.

Andy suffered from sensory overload. He just stopped and stared for a long time while we walked into the stadium.

I was just trying to get a better look.

Andy really liked his first real MLB Game.

Well we have just three more games left and then it is off to the home.

Talk to you guys later.



Joanna said...

Too bad the water was stinky, but it looks so clear! I'm totally jealous of your beach trip (not so jealous of the baseball games haha). Glad you guys are having fun!

Joe and Jocelyn said...

That poor heron! I'm glad the kids are having fun, despite the wardrobe malfunctions. I'm sure Grammy Pat is feeling better knowing that they are wearing sunscreen.

I miss you boys!
Mommy and Abby

Pat said...

Dear Isaac,

Tell your daddy "thanks" for the picture of sunscreen! It's just as much for him as it is for you little guys. There's no guilt like the guilt you feel when you let your kiddie get lobster red from the sun, and no one sleeps that night either!

Hope you're having a blast!

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

So much fun! I really want to take the kids to the beach now. I think Joshua would sit and scoop sand for HOURS. Water, what water? :)