Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Favorite Uncle Ever...

The award goes to.... Uncle Craig!! For letting 3 crazy children climb over you as they insisted on horsey rides, airplane, and crazy faces. Congratulations Craig!

Aunt Beth and Uncle Craig came to visit us today. They were on their way back from their vacation. Boy were the kids ecstatic to see them! There was hooting, hollering, jumping, climbing... you get the picture.

Horsey rides on both legs while talking baseball with Isaac. Dang, he's good. :)

Aunt Beth was a good resting spot for Isaac to eat his apple slices.

Abby pretty much stayed with Craig until I took them upstairs for naps. In fact, she had to be held by Craig up the stairs.

Andy also took a Beth break to eat some apples.

Airplane ride anyone? I like this picture because of Craig's face. He's not really in pain. Well, with all the airplane rides he had to give the kids, he might be. Who knows.

Isaac's turn. THAT would be painful. 38 pounds of kid.

After their naps, Abby helped me vacuum the floor. Proof that Aunt Beth's cleaning skills rubbed off while she was here.

Thanks for the visit Beth and Craig!


Jenny said...

Sigh, I think they may love Uncle Craig and Aunt Beth more than Aunt Jenny. I'll have to step up my game. Glad you guys had a fun visit!

Joe and Jocelyn said...

Jenny, you forget- you birthed the favorite cousins. You can do no wrong! :)