Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Delk Summer School Day 2- Cool Beans

When Joe came home yesterday he was very impressed with the kids' work. I told him about the project for today and he graciously offered his beans as the manipulative. We decided to test the kids to see if they could handle glue and beans. Surprise of surprises... they could!! Here are their pieces of art they created last night.

I don't know if you can read their titles, but Abby called hers "Snowman". Andy called his "Big Beans", and Isaac called his "The Blacks and Whites". Basically we gave the kids a handful of beans and they pointed to where they wanted the glue. They did pretty well, if I do say so myself. :)

For Day 2 of Delk Summer School, we used their ability to glue beans to make number cards. Each child got a set of cards numbered 1-10. I had them use 2 sets of beans to help them later when talking about odd and even numbers.

I used a little of the Touch Math technique when I had the kids place the beans. Numbers 1-5 have the beans placed in the Touch Math locations. I did not follow TM for 6-10 since the kids wouldn't understand double tapping the beans to get the proper count.

For example- for the #6 there is a dot and a ring around it. The ring means you tap the dot twice. 3 double taps gets you the total 6. Get it?

The kids a had a good time gluing their beans to their cards. I made sure to use different color to write the numbers- less confusion later.
Once the glue dries we can use them for math drills (who can show me the #5 the fastest?), addition and subtraction. We could use them for multiplication, but I don't think we will get that far.

Most impressive. Touch Math also does not go up to 10. I decided to go up to 10 because you can teach kids anything with numbers as long as they have an understanding of a base-10 system. It helps kids with rounding and different addition and subtraction techniques. (ex. like counting up instead of subtraction)

So here are my little dears showing you they they are #1!

Isaac with his bold black numbers

Abby with her pretty in pink numbers

Andy with basic brown. (he chose the color himself)

After we made the cards the kids still wanted to play with beans and glue. So, we decorated our names.

The kids got to choose their color of paper and marker for their names. They also got to choose which beans they got to use. Isaac chose all but the reds. The twins wanted it all. :)

We will, hopefully, be getting their new sleeping arrangements sorted out this weekend, so these name posters will be used as decoration for their new rooms.

I think today was a success.


Joanna said...

You know, I totally used that Touch Math system in school. It was very helpful, and I never forgot it! I'm impressed with the kids' (and your) hard work!! Keep it up!


Pat said...

The kids look really into all this! They'll be ready for the ACT's before you know it! Keep up the good work, Ms. Mommy!

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

So glad you're posting about this, cause I never would have thought of these AWESOME activities! Love you!