Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Perhaps I had a wicked childhood...

Perhaps I had a miserable youth,
But somewhere in my youth, or childhood...
My mother was preparing her revenge.

My mother bought my children a Box of Torture. Far worse than Pandora's Box, which merely inflicted plagues and evils upon the world; this box unleashes headaches, flashes of nausea, and weeping and gnashing of teeth upon any unsuspecting adult in its vicinity.

I realize I might not have been the "perfect" child my mother had hoped for in her second born. I was stubborn, willful, and too smart for my own good; but really, she had Jennifer and Joanna to counter-balance my precocious antics, so what was the big deal?

Apparently, I was worse than I originally thought.
My mother took her revenge in an amazingly creative stroke of genius; under the guise of "encouraging the children's learning."

My mother bought my children a "Band in a Box".
WARNING: Don't stand too close.

The children love this evil instrument of torture. They love to stomp and sing while inflicting each piercing blow. They request the Box when they sing and roar with the dinosaur song. It's fitting that they equate the Box with evil lizards of mass destruction.

So, thank you Grammy Pat. You have encouraged your beloved grandchildren to join forces in slowly chipping away at my sanity; such that it is.

Your revenge is complete.

p.s. The kids really like the instruments, and I have talked to the music teacher at my school about how to use them educationally. Good job, Grammy Pat!! :)


Joanna said...

These kids are so talented! But I can see what you mean about the noise—Kevin wouldn't even let me watch the entire video. The sound was just too piercing. But this is the price you must pay to have 3 musical virtuosos!

Beth said...

So when are they going on tour?

Jenny said...

Yes, they should definitely make a stop here in Franklin. We'll set up a stage in the living room! Come on!

Pat said...

It's the one and only gen-u-wine original (Delk) family band!

Grammy Pat

Hollye said...

They did a great job!