Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Joshua and Julia!

My kids love to watch their cousins on Jenny and Jason's blog. Their rockin' awesome camera makes mine look archaic in comparison.

My children love watching certain videos over and over; they request them when I sit down with my laptop. "Mommy, I want Josh-e-wash bicycle!" or "Mommy, Josh-e-wash monster truck!".

I need to point out that my kids think that Joshua, aka Josh-e-wash, is the coolest cousin in the world. When Uncle Jason posted the monster truck videos, my children labeled the blue truck as being "Josh-e-wash" and the green one as being "Julia". You know, because they drove those trucks themselves.

Anyhoo- recently Jenny posted a video of Josh-e-wash and Julia saying 'hi' to their far-far-away cousins. The kids went ballistic. "Mommy! Mommy! That's Josh-e-wash and Julia! Hi, Josh-e-wash and Julia! Hi!"

We had to take the time to send the love back to Franklin, TN. Hi, Josh-e-wash and Julia!

I swear they were more excited before the camera started! Keep posting videos Jenny!


Joanna said...

Are we allowed to request videos? If so, I would really like one dedicated to me. And if they don't seem excited about that, then have them make a video wishing Uncle Kevin a Happy Birthday. I think they'd like that. :)

Pat said...

I wonder what they'd think if you showed their own video to them? Or maybe you have already. A report, please, if you have.


Jenny said...

We love cousin love here at the Davis house! Hi guys! We should do this more often!