Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's a baseball bat!!

Also titled... Isaac's birthday celebration with the Delks.

Isaac turns 4 tomorrow. We have already signed him up for T-ball and have a Pre-K selected for next year. I just can't believe he's 4 already!!

Grammy and Papa Delk, and Uncle JD came for a small party to celebrate my giving birth to Isaac 4 years ago. Last year, we had a baseball cake. This year...

He had a baseball bat. Daddy made it just for Isaac. Notice the fingerprints from wandering fingers. (Isaac's)

Abby cheesing with Grammy Delk. This picture took a while to get. Abby loves being cute, but it's like pulling teeth sometimes to get her to stay still.

Isaac and Uncle JD. Isaac was laughing, not screaming. :) I tried to get a picture of JD with Abby since she stuck to him like glue for the longest time. Unfortunately, Abby was playing shy during that time.

Isaac cheesing before we sang to him. The twins were put to bed after lunch since they were falling asleep in their chairs. Sorry, no pics of Andy.

Yes, that was me blowing them out at the end. It was taking forever.

Let me explain about the next video... Isaac loves this thing! He gets so excited about it when we see it on tv. Joe and I had joked about getting him one, but when Joe saw one at Walmart, it was like a sign from Heaven.

Don't judge. It's all about keeping the kids happy.

Grammy and Papa Delk got him something he will treasure forever.

A new box of 2011 baseball cards of his very own.
(p.s. if that was what you were planning on getting Isaac- go ahead. Chances are he's already eaten 4 of them by now, he'll need replacements)

Thank you for coming Grammy, Papa Delk, and Uncle JD!!


Pat said...

Isaac looks every inch a four-year-old, and so happy to be celebrating his special day! I'm glad the Delk side of his family were there to help him be special!

I'm puzzled, though. What in the world is he going to do with the "chef's basket"? I guess he could wear it for batting practice. . . . He'll definitely be the only one in his crowd who has one!

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

Joe - Awesome job on the cake! I'm so impressed! Isaac looked like he absolutely loved his party! Give him kisses and hugs from me!

Pat said...

Wow!!!! Love the new format!!


Grammy Pat

Hollye said...

I can't believe how much more mature Isaac is getting to be. He has grown a lot since we saw him.

Hopefully we can have you all over this summer sometime.