Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Late Christmas with Gommy Petty

Yes, this is long overdue.

We were not able to make it to Dickson over Christmas break as we had planned, so the Delk Clan, minus Joe, went for a visit over the long MLK weekend. We stayed with Grammy and Papa Joe Friday night and traveled to Dickson on Saturday. The kids had fun seeing Gommy, Aunt Susie and Aunt Sandy! Abby said "Bye!" to them most of the way back to Chattanooga the next day.

We got Gommy a fabulous '31' tote with her first initial on it. Everyone can use a fabulous tote! Isaac was very excited to see Gommy because she had... BASEBALL CARDS!! Lots and lots of baseball cards! He sat with Gommy for full tens of minutes telling her the different teams. I have a feeling that the words 'Gommy' and 'baseball cards' are going to be linked forever in his mind.

One of the presents Abby received was a tea set. It was a MAJOR hit! As soon as we took it out of the box, she was a perfect hostess. She made sure everyone had a turn to drink, and every cup had its proper plate.

Isaac also appreciated the gift. He jumped right in!

Andy, being literal minded, seemed to wonder why the cups were empty.

Isaac received an airport- complete with plane, terminal, people, luggage, and NOISE! It was lots of fun when we opened it at Grammy's house. It had enough parts that each of the kids could choose one and play with it, then switch every few minutes. Maybe one day they will play with it all together!

Andy's gift combined his 2 favorites; trucks and blocks. Both of those are solitary pastimes that allow Andy to escape from his siblings. :)

We had a great time and the kids talk about seeing everyone again!
Merry late Christmas everyone!


Joanna said...

Great pictures! I really love the one of Gommy and the one of Mom with Andy opening his present. Wish I could have been there too!!

Pat said...

I put a comment on earlier--where did it go?

It's so much fun watching the kids use their imaginations as they play tea party and the like. They had a good time at Gommy's!

Grammy Pat