Saturday, February 7, 2009

It has been awhile.......

Well it has been awhile since either Jocelyn, Isaac or myself have added anything to the blog. Sorry for the delay but we have been pretty busy. Feeding times, changing diapers and Jocelyn getting back to work has really drained us. Not mention I am trying to start a small business on the side.
Well here are some great pictures we have missed posting along the way.
Below is a pic of "Grammy" Pat when she came to help. She did not know she would be pulling double duty. I think this is a good picture.
Also, we got some good pictures of the cousins posing together. Here is one of Josh and Isaac while sitting in front of the fireplace at Grammy Pat's.

I thought this was a funny one of Joshua striking his sexy pose. He definitely is trying to bring sexy back.

Since our last posting, Isaac has gained some valuable skills while practicing with his "Baby Action Figure." Here he is showing off how to properly feed a baby.

The other pictures listed below are me trying to play with settings on my camera. I think they turned out OK.
The one above is Isaac watching the pre-game of the Super Bowl.
This is Andy getting ready to go to Small Group the day of the Super Bowl.
This is what Abby did during the Super Bowl. We will have to work on that.


Pat said...

Hooray! New pictures! They are all wonderful, but the black and white "arty" ones are really nice.

Grammy Pat

Pat said...

The more I look at the black and whites, the better I like them. Am I the only one who thinks Andy is developing Elvis lip? The best picture of him so far! Probably the last sleeping Abby picture you'll get in a while, though. Unless you expose her to more football. . . .

Doting Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

All the pictures are great, but I love the ones of Abby and Andy best!