Thursday, February 19, 2009

Murfreesboro Christmas

That's right... Christmas. It's been a while and I apologize for the delay. My only excuse is that we have twins- it takes us a while.

We had to celebrate Christmas a little bit later since we had to be able to travel. We decided that Murfreesboro was the central location for everyone involved.

Isaac and the twins made out like bandits. It was really nice to have everyone in the same place!

Here are Aunt Sandy and Gommy holding the twins. I honestly don't know which one is which. (of the twins)
I am guessing here that Aunt Sandy is holding Andy... but who knows?

Joshua was such a great helper when it came to helping Isaac open his presents!

And I was worried about Abby being a bow head...

Here is Aunt Jenny with Abby. You can tell its Abby because she's wrapped in pink.

Mommy with Andy

Grammy Pat with Abby

Isaac and Joshua together for their traditional picture. They are going to get tired of this after a few years. One of these days Joshua is going to want to be on the left in the picture. :)
Joe loves this picture of Joshua. I think he was happy that Joshua wanted to pose and let Joe play with his camera.
Sorry this took so long!!


Pat said...

It was worth the wait! Those pictures are really cute.

Gramma Pat

Jenny said...

Yay! Finally a picture of me holding one of the twins! People were going to start to think that I didn't love them or something...