Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Isaac cuteness

I went consignment shopping last weekend and found some great deals! I had noticed that Isaac really likes sitting in chairs by himself (like a big boy) so I had to find him a small table and chairs.

Here he is at his new Legos table. He could sit and play for tens of minutes at a time!

His favorite is to build towers really tall, them knock them to the floor. He is good at cleaning up after himself too.

He also has a table in the living room where he can read his books and play with his Choo-Choo train. He is on a Thomas the Train kick right now. He even knows the difference between a Choo- choo and a Beep-beep. What a genius!

Here is a picture of him asking Mommy to let him watch his Thomas movie. This has become an almost daily occurance.


Pat said...

Who's kid is this? My Isaac has lovely curly hair. . . ?

Gramma Pat

Jenny said...

I love all the posts today. Isaac sure does look all grown up with his haircut! I'm glad he likes his little table! Joshua's table is in timeout for a while since he can't help but poor all the legos out of it.