Sunday, October 5, 2008

Checkers with Grammy and Papa

Recently we got a chance to have dinner with Grammy and Papa at Cracker Barrel in Kimball, TN. Of course no trip to Cracker Barrel is not complete without sitting in the rockers outside and playing checkers.

(Note: Some of the shots I took turned out blurry because they were night setting shots so I did not include them. Sorry.)

Above is Isaac testing out one of the "Big Boy" chairs. Something tells me he likes it.

It looks like Isaac won in this picture. Grammy can't believe she got beat by a 19 month old.

Above is Isaac showing Papa how to play checkers. The key is to keep your opponents king slots covered. In this case, Isaac is accomplishing this by sitting on the checker board. Papa has no recourse but to allow Isaac to win.


Pat said...

Well, that settles it . . . if Kathy and James are playing with this little boy with no curls, he must be Isaac.

I can get used to this version of adorable!

Gramma Pat

Jenny said...

So, did Isaac win the checkers game or not? Joshua tells me he wants to play Isaac at checkers too...