Sunday, July 27, 2008

New pictures of Andy & Abigail

Well, I finally found the time to put these pictures up for all you loyal readers of the blog. Sorry for the delay. I am sure you were all in anxious anticipation.

I feel that the pictures below may need to have a little explanation. The first one below is obvious and I hope that it does not cause Andy to have to have therapy in the future as you all look at his plumbing.

The picture below is a little harder to tell. What you are looking at is a scan of Abby's pelvis. There is obviously not anything sticking out so that is how you know that she's a girl.

This last picture is Abby's heartbeat scan. Here you can see that they are both healthy and behaving well.

We will post more pictures as we go and try to be a little more timely.



Hez Calamity said...

Hello, just randomly viewing sights and stumbled across yours. Congratulations on the twins! What a blessing! Hope your family is well, have a lovely day!

Pat said...

Love the pictures! Who knew that twins came with tiny little identification billboards. . . ? Very handy! Keep up the good work, all you Delks!

Gramma Pat

msmusic83 said...

I'm really bad at telling what is what. I'll take your word for it!

Jenny said...

Well, if little Andy has to go to therapy, Joshua will be right there with him. We weren't shy at all with sharing his "it's a boy with boy parts" ultrasound pictures. ;)