Thursday, July 17, 2008

BIG NEWS!!! (with pictures)

To all of you loyal readers of the Delks blog. We got some big news this week that we thought we would all share with you. Attached below are some pictures that you might find interesting.

On Wednesday Jocelyn and I went to her doctor's office to get her checked out. She was having some issues with the pregnancy that caused her to cut her in-service trip short.

Luckily, she was OK. In fact, we found out she was doubly OK.

What you see above is a picture of our twins. Yup, you heard right, twins! Here you can see them butting heads.

The picture above is the chest of one and the head of the other on the right.

Here is a nice picture of the two playing. They were very active. Probably because mom and dad were getting the shock of their life.

This is a big blessing but we are still overwhelmed by it. Especially me!

Please pray for us as we go through this and after they come. We are going to need it.

Joe D.


Tracy said...

Yes! I am the first to comment!

First of all- as if! You cant hold info for will be busting at the side when you find out!

Ok, I think this is fantastic news. I think you should write Oprah, or TLC and try to get your own show. I mean, how else will you pay for diapers?

Love you guys!

Jenny said...

I like the idea of getting your own TLC show. You could totally do it. So, are we going consignment sale shopping or what??? Love you!

Pat said...

In our defense, Joe and Jocelyn, your last post was June 23. We all got tired of holding our breath in anticipation of your next blog. . . .

Gramma Pat

Pat said...

Hmmm. Look what I discovered. . . . Thanks, Jenny, for giving me the idea in your post. Why doesn't anyone tell me these things?