Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well- new twins pictures will be uploaded as soon as Joe scans them into the computer. That is his job since I don't want to learn how.
However- we do have names picked out for the little tikes! We are sticking with the Bible names theme, so we have Andrew Joseph (who Joe doesn't want to be called 'Junior' ever) and Abigail Grace. (because it is by the grace of God that we got a girl)
Both of them are healthy and happy. Abby is already a diva- she didn't want to show her face during the ultra sound. Andy is already a clown- he didn't care what part he was showing off. They are each 7 oz, which the doctor said was right on schedule. The due date is still Dec. 30, but he did say to expect them early.
But just so your visit wasn't an entire waste of time- here are more pictures of Isaac.

Here is Isaac being patriotic.
Here he is reading a book. He is really a very good reader.

And here he is being cute. He is really good at that too!


Jenny said...

Love the names (not that you're looking for my approval). :) I can't wait to see more shots of little Andy and Abby!

Pat said...

Visiting your blog is NEVER a waste of time, even when a month elapses betweeen postings (subtle guilt trip).

I am really antsy to see those new ultrasounds though. . . .

Gramma Pat

Anonymous said...

You could always call the twins by their middle names (Boy that got old and annoying for me in school! :)

I enjoyed my visit the other day and hearing Isaac count using letters! It was really cute! "A.....O.....E.....D" Precious! :)

Joanna said...

Yay for cute pictures! I notice you did not mention how the name Abigail came to be...ahem...don't worry, I won't take all the credit for it forever.

Love you,