Sunday, August 10, 2008

Party at Gommy B's!!

In celebration of my Grandmother Bradley, almost her entire clan showed up at my Aunt Hollye's house for lunch and fun. We were very excited that my littlest sister, Samantha, could come since she has not seen Isaac in person before.
We got lots of fabulous pictures of the boys (Isaac and Joshua) and girl (Sadie). I know Gommy was happy to see us all together!
Here we have Aunt Hollye and Aunt Boo sharing their ice cream with the kiddies

Here we got the kids to sit on the porch swing.
Here is a picture of Sadie having a good time.

Isaac had a great time chasing bubbles.

Joanna's new Facebook pose. Nice, Boo. Makes you look mysterious.

Lovely picture of the Bradley girls.
Everyone had a great time! Happy Birthday Gommy!!


Joanna said...

Okay, seriously, you had to post that goofy picture of me. At least the pics of the boys and Sadie are so cute, perhaps no one will notice the one of me. Call me soooooon! I miss you!

Jenny said...

Love it! I want to get the rest of the pictures that we took together. :) I know Joe got a bunch of good ones!