Monday, June 23, 2008

Isaac and the Big Apple

Isaac has now taken on the Big Apple and survived.

Isaac and I (Daddy) decided to take a trip to New York City to see the Yankees at Yankee Stadium since this is the last year of the Stadium. Mom was going to go, but she decided that it should be a son and dad trip.

We got to New York late and rushed to the subway. Isaac was a little scared of the subway, but he soon learned to like it.

We got to Yankee Stadium late and arrived in the 4th inning. It was still pretty good to see this historic stadium.

Isaac was kinda fussy when we got to the stadium, but once he saw the field, he really lit up.

Once the game ended, we hopped back on the subway and then headed over to see Times Square at night. Isaac was asleep until we got out of the subway station and then he saw the big screens and he loved it.

Once we left Times Square, we went back to the hotel room and crashed. We then got up and headed to Shea Stadium. Since this was the also the last year of this stadium, we went here as well.

After visiting Shea we headed to Manhattan. Isaac really seemed to enjoy Times Square in the daytime as well.

We ate lunch at Bubba Gump and then headed out to explore some more of the city.

We decided to go see Radio City Music Hall which was across the street from Fox News. Isaac really enjoyed this, mostly because I let him get out of his stroller.

Isaac also like being outside a TV Headquarters as well, but I honestly think it was just the fact that there was a fountain and I let him out of the stroller.

Once we left Fox News and Radio City Music Hall we made our way down 8 blocks or so to the Empire State Building. Along the way we stopped to admire the Chrysler Building.

Then we finally made it. Isaac was impressed with the height of the Empire State Building.

Once we got to the top. Isaac seemed somewhat disinterested in the view. It took a couple of attempts just to get him out of the stroller. But once he saw the view, his fussiness was a thing of the past. (At least until we started our elevator ride down.)

All and all, I think Isaac really did enjoy the trip. He liked seeing everything and even chased a couple of pigeons. I would say that Isaac is ready to make a return trip to the Big Apple.

Watch out Big Apple! I will be back soon.


Pat said...

Isaac is turning out to be the most well-traveled one-year-old I know! He's a trooper!

Gramma Pat

Pat said...

Hello out there! Have the Delks retreated to their cave? Gramma wants new pictures!

Gramma Pat

Jenny said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the trip! I especially like the picture on top of the Empire State Building. Jason and I are attempting our first trip with Joshua this week. Say a prayer for us!