Friday, June 13, 2008

More swimming

Isaac and I decided to go with Aunts Maria, Melissa, and Kayla (and friend Will, who belongs to Maria) to the Ringgold pool. I was nervous about going since Isaac did not let me put him down at Casey's, but he did a great job!
Melissa and I went to the greatest place on earth (Wal-Mart) and got Isaac a float before we went to the pool, and he loved it! I can see more pool trips in our future!

This is Isaac in his new float.

Here he is talking to everyone

Isaac says he had lots of fun today!

Here is Isaac and friend Will. Too cute!


Tracy said...

We have to get the kids together...Cash keeps talking about Isaac. They can teach each other tricks in the water!!

Jenny said...

Isaac looks so cute in his swimsuit! How exciting that he liked this trip better than the last. That's a really cool float, that probably helped. :)