Saturday, March 29, 2008

Isaac's First MLB Game

Daddy has taken over again.
Today Isaac and I had a guy's day out. The Atlanta Braves were home to play their final exhibtion game of the season and I figured if Isaac was in a good mood this morning I would take him down to go to his first Big League game, even though really it did not count.
Checking the weather, it was raining in Chattanooga but Atlanta was supposed to be clear throughout the duration of the game. Unfortunately it rained. So Isaac did not get to enjoy a full game like he is used to.

Isaac has gotten to go to games in the past, here is a picture of him enjoying his first game.
Isaac was a real trooper at his first game. This one went 14 innings and he was laughing the entire time.
Of course he had his little buddy "Rookie" with him to keep him company when the going got tough.

But today was little different.

Today, I dressed Isaac for it to be a little chilly, but when we got to the ballpark it was pushing 80 degrees, so we shed his jacket. He slept for the trip down from Ringgold, but once we got his jacket off he was ready to go.

When we got into the gates and bought our tickets, there was a drum line playing, Isaac acted like he enjoyed it, but I think he was a little confused. You can almost hear him saying, "What is this rythmic beating I am hearing and why do my legs get the urge to move?"

Once the game started though, so did the rain and the wind. It quickly chilled down and I had to put Isaac's other jacket on. He did not complain at all. Isaac did seem to be mesmerized by the Jumbo-Tron in center field. Lucky for him, he got a chance to be on it during the game. Sorry no pictures of that. I was too busy making him dance and giggle. Here is a picture of him watching the big screen TV.

Later on though, the Braves started scoring he became more interested in the game. We had some really good seats and Isaac seemed to enjoy everybit of it. He did not have peanuts and cracker jacks but instead feasted on chicken fingers, fries and some hot dog.

Here are some more pictures of the game.

This is Isaac at the highest point in the stadium at the Sky Field Coke Zone.

Isaac is watching more of the game.

Isaac is really happy about the seats we got.
This is by far my favorite picture of the day. There is just something great about it.

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Pat said...

That Isaac is a real trooper--a chip off the old block! Big boy and daddy time is really special!

I'll bet he was the hit of the Jumbo-Tron.

Gramma Pat