Friday, March 28, 2008

Daddy's New Camera

Hello everyone out there. Joe has once again taken over the blog. HA! Isaac's daddy has gotten a new camera and he wanted to post some pictures of the little guy for all of you to see.

I guess we could call it a fashion show.
First up is Farmer Isaac. Here Isaac is sporting his overalls and is complimenting his outfit with none other than a John Deere tractor.

Next Isaac follows up with his Spring Gap Collection. Sporting white active shirt with Khakis. He is sure to turn the ladies heads with this one.

Next up is Isaac in some active wear. Here he is free to lift weights as he chooses.

Look for some more pictures tomorrow as Isaac gets a chance to go to his first Major League Stadium - Turner Field to watch the Atlanta Braves play the Cleveland Indians.

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Pat said...

Enjoyed Isaac's one-baby fashion show! Guess which one my computer desktop is now displaying? I like Daddy's new camera--the pictures get bigger when I right click on them--unlike Mommy's pictures (no offense, Mommy).

Gramma Pat