Monday, March 24, 2008

He's a big kid now!

Just look at his hair for proof!

I never realized how much a hair cut would change his face! Isaac looks just like a big boy! He did have some problems with getting it cut, but Joe was a trooper and held Isaac the whole time. Isaac did pretty well until Joe asked for his head to be rinsed.

So... here are the before pictures. Look at all those precious curls!

Here are some 'during' pictures...

And here is the handsome boy now...

And the answer to your question is, yes. We did keep his curls, which I think is insane and slightly stalker-ish. The curls are going to grandmothers, and the next highest bidder. Place your orders now! Supplies are going fast!


Jenny said...

Isaac looked like such a big boy this past Saturday! I was so glad that he and Joshua seemed to play well together. I thought there was very minimal stealing of toys and running over each other. :)

Pat said...

Isaac is so handsome with his new haircut. But I still miss the curls.

Gramma Pat