Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Silly kids

Isaac went with his class to a pumpkin patch today and he brought home a little pumpkin. He is so proud!

Here is is showing that he learned about Johnny Appleseed. This was a few weeks ago.

 He's pretending to eat an apple.

Isaac has informed us that he wants to be a ninja for Halloween. I have a Thomas the Train costume from Aunt Jenny that is just perfect for Andy. Can you guess what Abby wants to be?

She got this dress from Uncle JD last year for her birthday. She has worn it to Julia's birthday party, around the house, and to sleep in. She can wear it for Halloween too!

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Pat said...

How delightful to see silly Isaac Appleseed and silly Disney Princess Abby! Thank goodness Andy is never silly!?!?

Grammy Pat