Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

Once again, the Delks made our trek to our neighbors' house for some Halloween fun! Thank you, Kayla and Travis (and Ansley) for allowing everyone to invade!

Melissa came with the twins and Kayla had one of her friends with her son over as well. I didn't get pictures while we were there, but I did get some before we went over.

Their buckets were from the Ketner's Mill craft fair we visited a few weekends ago. The kids agreed that once the buckets were full, they would stop trick-or-treating!

 Andy is Thomas the Train. Aunt Jenny got us this costume at the end of the season last year for 90% off! He loved it!

 Isaac just had to be a ninja. Not sure where he got the idea, but I'm glad we found a costume!

I have to explain about Abby's costume. Originally she was going to wear the Princess dress that she wore to Julia's birthday party. However, when we went to put it on just an hour before we had to leave, we found a GIANT HOLE in the front of the dress. This might be because Abby has taken to napping in the dress. So, we made a mad dash around her room and found this ballerina leotard (that we inherited from a friend of mine) and tights (from Grammy Pat) and now she is a pretty ballerina princess! (thank you, Aunt Jenny for the crown!)

Joe took the kids trick-or-treating while I held down the fort and passed out candy. If you want any kid stories, I'm sure Joe would be happy to tell some tales at Thanksgiving!


Pat said...

What cute little trick 'r treaters! Can't wait to hear those stories, Joe!

Grammy Pat

Samantha said...

Cute! You should have Joe write the tales, as I won't be there for Thanksgiving :-/ Nice improv for Abby's costume!