Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gramby Weekend

The weekend that began my fall break was exciting for everyone in the Delk household.

Andy got to spend the weekend with Grammy and Papa Delk. Fun was had by all! Andy loved being the center of attention! Apparently, he also loved being a song leader. :)

Abby got the spend the weekend with Aunt Boo, and Grammy and Papa Joe. Abby was in her element. She got to go shopping, be a Princess, and showed Aunt Boo what it's like living with a younger version of herself. My favorite part of this weekend was when Aunt Boo told me, "Now I understand."

Isaac got to come with Daddy and Mommy to Gramby weekend. Gramby weekend is a time when our Sunday school group gets together and invades Sharron's grandmother's house to play with guns and explosives. (fireworks)

 Isaac did a great job of telling everyone the safety rules. When the range is hot, put on your eyes and ears!

A little video of our little marksman. (Just for you, Grammy Pat!)

I am proud to say that when it was my turn to shoot (for the first time in my life) I shot the target on the first try!-- the target was an empty detergent bottle. I stopped after that since I had proven my worth.

This little one made my weekend. She loved all the action and noise! (And the attention!)

I'm sorry I didn't get a lot of pictures. We'll have to do this again next year!

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Pat said...

Wow, girl--you are hot! Two postings in as many weeks! And great pictures too!

Grammy Pat