Monday, March 26, 2012


The title is to be read with a British accent. (right, Aunt Beth?)

Yes. it has been forever since we have posted, so here are pictures that I have taken over the past few weeks.

Here's Abby cleaning up the living room.

Joe has started teaching the kids the basics of economics by paying them for services around the house. Each kid has his/ her own mason jar with their name on it. Cleaning up the living room and bed rooms is worth 25 cents.

Abby is saving for a baby doll, Andy is saving for a Thomas the Train, and Isaac has already bought a Hot Wheels and is now saving for everything he sees on Cartoon Network.

Abby is picking up her new dollhouse. The dollhouse came to us from Aunt Kiki. Kiki bought it for baby Ansley, but the pieces are still too small. Abby gets to play with it until it is Ansley's size.

Here's Andy- not cleaning.

Abby playing with the felt board while waiting for dinner.

Abby's finished monster. Scary sight.

Just to update everyone, I was not chosen as one of the 3 Hamilton County Teachers of the Year. Instead, it went to 3 suburban teachers. I'm still working on not being bitter. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

That's not going to stop me from being the best darn urban teacher I can be. In fact, I have big plans for this summer. I plan on going through the Common Core Standards (what the US is now using instead of separate state standards) and making activities to go with the different units.
Wish me luck!


Jenny said...

I love that your kids are doing chores to earn money. I need to get something like that going for Joshua. Love Abby's scary monster too! Yikes!

Pat said...

I think the Delk boys and girl are perfect just as they are (but a little more responsibility never hurt anyone!).

Grammy Pat