Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Won't you be my neighbor?

It was such a pretty day today that the kids and I went to the school across the street to play on their playground. The kids had a lot of fun, and Aunt Kitty came with her twins too!

They never do what I want them to. *sigh*

They had to get a little help.

She's such a big girl!

What amused me the most about their playing was that Isaac and Abby were dare-devils, while Andy was careful. Abby climbed over everything and Isaac ran around, but Andy always told me where he was, and didn't climb anything unless a sibling had gone first.

Sorry this post in long overdue! I'll find some more pictures soon!

Also, I have a little good news.... I am my school's nominee for Tennessee Teacher of the Year!

I've turned in my application and I'll find out by the 10th if I was chosen as a Hamilton County Teacher of the Year. From there, I would go to another level. It's like a beauty pageant, but without the swimsuit competition.

Wish me luck!


Jenny said...

Nice to have that school and playground so close! Fun times! Oh - and Go Andy Go!

Samantha said...

Go Jossy! I hope you win!!