Monday, March 26, 2012

An Early Easter Miracle

It's the power of the Magic Tree.
Aunt Jenny found the Magic Tree months ago when she had her kids pictures made professionally, then decided to try some on her own. The pictures in the tree were wonderful and we decided to try and see if the tree is still magical. Guess what? It is!


Abby and Andy

Abby and Andy again. They are too cute!



My kids do love their cousins! When they play around the house they pretend to be Joshua and Julia. :) We are going to have to play a lot this summer. I'm feeling another water day, Aunt Jenny!

Of course, we weren't in Murfreesboro just for the tree! It was a birthday/ Easter visit. We celebrated Isaac and Joshua's birthdays and the Easter bunny visited early.

That was fun. Andy did eventually get the idea of looking for eggs.

Aunt "Bunny" Boo

Miss Dee, Abby's BFF

After all the eggs were found (we hope) it was time for food and cake!

Isaac had to make sure that Joshua was included in the song, even though he was otherwise indisposed. :)

Thanks for everything, Grammy and Papa Joe!


Jenny said...

It was such a fun day! Thank goodness we have cute kids. Makes getting precious pictures so easy! ;)

Pat said...

We loved having everyone over! Thanks for making the trip, everybody!