Thursday, October 6, 2011

I love Pinterest!

Pinterest is a wonderful website where people from all walks of life (mostly women) come together to share what interests them. In other words, it's a bigger time killer than Facebook. I have a few boards that I update: Classroom, My Style, Homeschool... and I love finding ideas of things that would make my life easier.

Remember how I was complaining in a previous post about how we never know where the mail is in our house? I found a solution, and I found it on Pinterest!

Another blog did this activity first and shared a tutorial. Basically, she turned a cereal box and some scrapbook paper into a handy-dandy mail holder for the fridge! Here's mine!

Cute, huh? I tried using magnet clips, but the box ended up being too heavy. I found a strip of magnet tape and glued it on the back instead.

While bragging about my new crafty side at school today, the new first grade teacher (male) stated that Pinterest was a wasteland of married women who have turned their backs on their husbands in order to stay glued to their computers.

I didn't appreciate the accurate comparison, so I stole his Cheerios box from his classroom and turned it into something useful.

Tee-hee. I did make sure to use masculine colors!

Ta-da! His wife is going to love it! :)

That will teach him to mess with General Delk!

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Pat said...

As for your colleague's assertion about married women and interest, I have two words:

Video Games!

Wait, wait--two more:

Television sports!

He does know he's outnumbered at work, right?

Grammy Feminista