Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Julia!

My kids live for a good party! When I told the tiny Delks that we were going to a birthday party, there was much celebration! Abby told me she was excited about seeing Grammy Pat, cupcakes, and Uncle Jason's iPad. (she called is Jason's Nook Book) It's nice that she had her priorities in order.

For those of you who might not know, Julia is our cute-as-a-bug cousin. She turned 2 years old last week and her party was this past Saturday.

The Happy Davis Family- Uncle Jason, cousin Josh-e-wash, cousin Julia, and Aunt Jenny.

We Delks love our Davis cousins sooooo much, we're willing to drive HOURS and HOURS just to see them! (Jenny- that was a guilt trip. Get your butt in the car and come see us!)

Everyone had a good time. Lots of food and family. I didn't get a lot of family pictures, sorry. But both sides of Julia's family were able to celebrate her!

Here are some kid pics...

Yummy cake!!

Silly boy!!

Look! I found books!

Umm.... Andy's hair was getting in his eyes, so we had to be creative. After the party Joe and I took the kids to get hair cuts.

Aunt Boo got this picture! You know, when she's not talking, she's kind of cute! (I'll let you figure out who I was talking about- Boo or Abby.) :)

Grammy Pat and Aunt Boo

The Bradley Girls

After the actual party the kids went outside and played with Joshua's riding toys. Isaac really got a kick out of driving the truck around. I wish I had gotten video! I know Jenny did, so I'm waiting for her to post it!

Joe and I took the kids to get haircuts too. Isaac said he would get a scissor cut- which is a BIG DEAL for him. Lately we have given him haircuts at home because he throws wild fits, but he did really well this time! He sat in Joe's lap and cried and shook, but he didn't have a melt-down! Yea!!!

Andy sat in the chair and didn't even need Mommy or Daddy with him. He's such a pro.

Abby had her VERY FIRST haircut! I told her stylist that I didn't know what to do with her hair since it is so baby-fine and curly. The stylist just trimmed all around and helped her curly in the back come out. It looks sooooooo much better! (no, I didn't save any of her hair. That's creepy.)

Happy birthday, Julia!!


Pat said...

We had such a wonderful get-together for Julia's birthday! Thank you Davises for hosting it, and thank you Delks for taking to the road to be there!

My favorite moment was Julia's premature dispatching of the lit candle. This girl means business!

Grammy Pat

The Full Count said...

Really enjoyed this post!! I can't believe all the Bradley kiddos are getting sooo big!!

Also...that picture of Aunt Pat and Joanna....I though Joanna was me for a second-haha! We must be related or something ;)

Jenny said...

The haircuts did look so good. We had a blast with all the little cousins here!