Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy birthday, Aunt Sandy!

Now, it wasn't really Aunt Sandy's birthday, but cake was involved and the kids had to have someone to sing to. Thank goodness Aunt Sandy's birthday is next month or we wouldn't have anyone to sing to!

Joe and Isaac went to visit his home church on Sunday, and I took the twins to visit my Gommy Petty.
It was a beautiful day! After lunch we went outside and let the kids run around. Andy went straight for the bird-poop infested birdbath. Abby had to follow since it looked like he was having fun, and that can't happen without her. So, the kids got wet, and the shirts came off. Good thing it was warm!

Pretty Gommy!

Aunt Sandy and Andy- notice Andy's haircut! Happy birthday, Aunt Sandy!

Andy and Grammy Pat. Andy was the photogenic one today.

This was the best I could get of Andy with Boo. Still cute!

Sorry, Grammy Pat but this was the best picture of Abby that I got!

Yummy cake!

More yummy cake!

So, Happy birthday, Aunt Sandy! We'll celebrate you again next month!


Pat said...

It's the Andy show! He was kind of full of himself Sunday! Not that Abby wasn't, but then she always is.

Good pictures! I'm always happy to be the prop for my grandchildren's cuteness!

Grammy Pat

The Full Count said...

Andy is your twin Jossy...looks so much like you! :)

Jenny said...

Sweet pictures! I hope you guys saved some of the fun for Thanksgiving!