Saturday, September 17, 2011

Throw away day!

Don't worry, the kids are safe... for now.

I was just sick and tired of seeing broken toys and shredded baseball cards. I got out the trash bag and went to work.

My inspiration.
I waited until the kids were upstairs for their naps. I trashed any broken toys, puzzles, ripped books, and random things that have made it into the house. The last time I did this, I had trash bags and donate bags. This time, it was only trash.

I cleaned out and straightened their books. All small board books found another home, along with the cloth books that Grammy Delk made for the kids. I wanted them to be more easily assessable.

These are the only "large" toy structures I kept. I kept them because we still had the parts, and the kids still play with them. I also kept the trains and tracks- they are in the red wagon. (no picture, sorry)

Here are the only toys left downstairs. Balls, trains, and Transformers. Honestly, if Joe had not made it home when he did, some of the Transformers would have disappeared. There's always next time. :)
Then there is the box o' books. Small books ready for small hands to grab them.

Joe vacuumed after I put everything in the trash.

So, what does this mean for the Delk home? NO MORE TOYS!!!! PLEASE!!!

Birthdays, Christmas... these are times for new clothes, books, or gift cards. (Barnes and Noble for the kids since they rule the Nook) Or, better yet, visits! The kids would love visits more than anything! We can get pictures and make new picture books for the kids based on their experiences with YOU!

p.s. Isaac is really doing well in Pre-K! This week he got 2 straight faces :/, and 3 smiley faces :)! Yea! I was talking to Ms. Cheri, his teacher, and most of his class already knows their ABCs, letter sounds, numbers, colors, and shapes. She said she was glad that she had such a big group of kids ready to go to the next level. Yea, Isaac!

Ms. Cheri and Mrs. Monica (the director) got all the kids copies of The Kissing Hand. How sweet is that?


Pat said...

Whoa, girl, what got into you?

Wait a minute--what about the tambourine, maracas, and your plans to become the one and only genuine original family band? Don't tell they're trashed too?

Way to go, Isaac! Keep up the good work!

Grammy Pat

Joe and Jocelyn said...

They are, for the most part, safe upstairs. I don't mind the noise when it is upstairs and away from me! I will be cleaning out the upstairs soon!